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Die Cast Miniature Pencil Sharpeners

We carry over 250 styles of Die Cast Metal Pencil Sharpeners. The bronze finish makes them look antique and are quite collectable. Our styles include Auto Pencil Sharpeners, Casino, Landmark Pencil Sharpeners, Die-cast Models Pencil Sharpeners, Music Pencil Sharpeners, Novelty Appliances Pencil Sharpeners, Fire Department Pencil Sharpeners, Planes and Aircraft Pencil Sharpeners, Military Weapon Pencil Sharpeners, and many many more. These are good selling collectible items, and we probably have a theme that will appeal to your customers.

Mix and Match - There is a 1 dozen minimum order of the pencil sharpeners but you can mix and match the styles so you can buy one or two of each style to try them out.

Where to Purchase Wholesale Die Cast Miniature Pencil Sharpeners

We sell to wholesale customers ONLY. You must have a valid U.S Tax ID Number to purchase from us. You can sign up today and start purchasing from us at Fairway Manufacturing Company. You can purchase individual bronze pencil sharpeners from Saddle Mounrain Souvenirs direct or from their Amazon store.

Where to Purchase Retail Die Cast Miniature Pencil Sharpeners

Harry E. Henderson
Saddle Mountain Souvenirs
17356 NW TPKE
Elk Garden WV 26717



We carry over 250 styles of pencil sharpeners. We only sell to Wholesale customers with a valid U.S. tax ID. For retail sales, please see above.


U.S. Flags, State flags, Confederate flags, novelty flags and more. We carry a huge selection of flags. In stock and ready to ship!


We have a selection of stock mugs. Looking for custom coffee mugs We can help you design mugs for your souvenir shop. Call us for your FREE quote today!


We carry a large selection of flag patches, state patches and novelty patches. Want a custom patch, we can help you design a custom patch with our in house artist! Call us for a FREE quote today!


These highly collectable and unique floaty pens are really special. Choose a background, floating image and your logo. You now have a high profit collectable that everyone will want. Call us today for your FREE quote!


We carry thousands of designs! Stock vinyl magnets like flag magnets, state magnets, cartoon magnets, Route 66 and more.

Fairway Manufacturing Catalog

We carry a huge selection of souvenirs and novelties for the United States and Canada. We have a few items in stock for the United Kingdom also. If you're looking for Native American souvenirs, we carry a large selection of leather goods, headdresses and more.

Custom Gift Catalog

Are you looking for a unique item to sell in your gift shop with your own logo or other imprint on it? You've come to the right place. We carry an extensive line of totes, hats, travel mugs, electronics and more.

Custom glassware & Mug Catalog

Are you looking for a unique item to sell in your gift shop with your own logo or other imprint on it? You've come to the right place. We carry an extensive line of glassware, coffee mugs, travel cups and more.

Custom Floating View Pens Catalog

Custom floaty pens are a fantastic product. You can read more about them on our website Custom Floaty Pens. These are highly sought after by collectors around the world. They're also great souvenirs!

Custom Vinyl & Wood Magnets Catalog

Looking for stock or custom magnets for your gift shop? We carry a large selection of magnets. State vinyl magnets, state wood magnets and state resin magnets are the most popular variety. We now carry interactive magnets. They are 3-D Magnets that light up, have flock and texture and even moving parts. Custom made just for you! We have some locations in stock. The more you request, the more we will carry in stock. Magnets are perfect for impulse purchasing and have a great ROI.

Custom Vinyl Key Rings Catalog

Key rings and chains. We create custom key rings for any location. These are great souvenirs due to their size. they fit right into a suitcase or pocket. Another great souvenir item with a great ROI. These will fly off the shelves.

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