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General Question

Q. How do I purchase pencil sharpeners?

A.There are a few ways. The best way is to contact us by phone at 1-800-325-0889 and talk to a customer service rep. They will take your details and tax ID number so you can purchase pencil sharpeners wholesale.

Another is to go to our Online Store and purchase them. Again, you will need a VALID Tax ID number as we only sell to businesses wholesale.

The last way to purchase pencil sharpeners is to contact our person who sells our pencil sharpeners retail:
Harry E. Henderson at Saddle Mountain Souvenirs.
Website is: Saddle Mountain Souvenirs"
Email address is:

Q. Who do you sell pencil sharpeners to?

A. Fairway Manufacturing Company sells Business to Business only. We are a wholesale souvenir and novelty company that has been in business for over 65 years. You can read more about our company on our website Fairway Manufacturing Company. If you are looking for retail sales, we can direct you to one of our many customers that will sell you our products retail. Call us today at 800-325-0889

Q. Do you have a minimum order amount?

A. Yes, the minimum order is $150. You can mix and match pencil sharpeners or order them by the case. either way is fine, as long as you get to the $150 minimum order.

Q. Do you sell anything else besides bronze pencil sharpeners?

A. Yes, we have a huge stock of souvenirs suited for any location in the United States. We also carry souvenir items for Canada, and even a few for the United Kingdom. You can visit our website and view our numerous product catalogs. We're sure you're going to find a lot more fantastic items to carry in your gift shops besides our huge selection on bronze pencil sharpeners.

Our Catalogs

Q. How do handle shipping?

We ship exclusively through FedEx. When you purchase pencil sharpeners, you will be quoted a shipping price at the end of your order. We calculate this by the size of the box and the weight of the items in the box. Sometimes we will have to send you the shipping price seperate from the order. That's because FedEx requires the size of the shipping box. If you do not want to use FedEx as a shipper, please contact us so we can look into other arrangements if possible.

Q. How long will it take to get my order?

If you order before NOON, your order will be picked and shipped the same day. You can specify a day you want your order shipped if you don't want it right away. The length determines where you are located. We are located in St. Louis, Missouri and are centrally located for the best shipping times around the USA. If you're on the coasts, thing about 4+ days

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