Meier & Frank Has Closed

What happened to Meier & Frank?

After 78 years, Meier & Frank closed its doors without notice or fanfare. It appears that the building they owned and operated across from the Denver Merchandise Mart had become PRIME real estate and was a more valuable commodity than the decades of service that Meier and Phyllis Goldberg were known for for many Decades. They were regular attendees to the Original Smoky Mountain Gift Show in Gatlinburg, The Denver Gift and Souvenir Shows, and the ASD and Souvenir shows in Las Vegas. The Family carried on after Meier Passed away and you would usually find Phyllis available to help well into her 80's. A reliable and innovative supplier to the wholesale souvenir industry, they will be missed but not forgotten. Known for the large supply of unique collectible sharpeners in over 250 die cast styles they also featured hand tooled and decorated genuine cloisonnes tac pins for every state and most tourist destinations in the US. They also carried an extensive line of all 50 state souvenir flags in a fine polyester print from 4x6" size, 6x9", 12x18", 2x3 foot, 3x5 foot and 4x6' varieties. Most were produced in China at low prices that allowed their retail gift shop customers a healthy margin. Sales of these have long ago crossed into the millions of pieces sold to Importers like Fairway Manufacturing Company, and many other importers in Europe and Asia. Fairway has continued to feature and promote these fine collectibles over the years and will also offer the option of purchasing these fine souvenirs with a finely detailed photo realistic domed shield. See the FAIRWAY website for additional details.

Who is Fairway Manufacturing Company?

We are proud to say this is our 63rd year of successful, continuous operation under the same family management since we started our business in 1952. We are one of the oldest and leading direct importers serving the tourist and recreation industries internationally. During this time we have worked hard to earn and keep our excellent reputation for DEPENDABLE, FAST Service at very COMPETITIVE PRICES. Every year you can find as at the Original Smoky Mountain Gift Show in Gatlinburg, that we have attended for over 30 years. We carry a huge selection of souvenirs. gifts, toys and novelties. You can find us at FAIRWAY MFG. CO.. We do carry everything that Meier & Frank used to. If you're looking for the perfect alternative to Meier & Frank, you've come to the right place. With our custom online ordering system you get up to date stock information so you know instantly what's in stock, what's ordered and what's out of stock, making it simple and easy for you to order what you need for your souvenir or gift shop.


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